Monday, October 1, 2018

Kodak Ektachrome Now Shipping

Back in January 2017, in a post entitled "Kodak Ektachrome Film Redux," I mentioned that Kodak intended to bring Ektachrome 100 back from the dead.  At the time, I wrote:
"Perhaps the most surprising announcement at this year's otherwise humdrum CES came from Kodak, the former giant of the photography industry.  In a move that has to cheer analog photographers dismayed to see one favorite film after another discontinued, the company stated that it will return Ektachrome color reversal film to production after a five year absence with the first batch set to hit stores in this year's fourth quarter."
The announced arrival date may have been a bit too optimistic on the manufacturer's part, but word is that Kodak Alaris has finally begun shipping the film after an almost two-year wait. I don't know when it will arrive in stores but hopefully it will be soon.

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