Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Blue Hours

I recently published my fourth novel as an ebook at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I'm very excited about it and honestly think this is my best work yet.

The book is intended as a tribute to Cornell Woolrich, who more or less invented the noir genre, and attempts to explore the very meaning of the term.  In other words, the book is a voyage into utter darkness. 

The Blue Hours is set in New York City in 1970, long before gentrification, when the town was still gritty and crime ridden.  It tells of a violent junkie, just released from jail, who wakes one morning in an East Village tenement to find himself holding a smoking gun and sitting beside a corpse.  With the police relentlessly pursuing him, he desperately tries to find the one witness who can tell him what really happened.

In addition to writing the text, I also designed the book's cover in Photoshop and shot the cover photo on infrared film.  I then printed the negative in a wet darkroom.

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