Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Autoharp Performance

My best friend and former model, Chiemi Aoki, will be visiting from Tokyo and giving a rare autoharp performance here in Manhattan on Saturday, June 13th, at Global Labo on Eighth Avenue.  More information can be found on the Facebook posting regarding the event.

The autoharp is not a common instrument in Japan, and this will be an excellent opportunity for those with an interest in contemporary world music to enjoy a totally unique experience.  It should also be a great deal of fun for everyone.  I hope to see you there.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The End of Sakura

I've always thought the cherry blossoms most beautiful in their final days just when the green leaves begin to sprout on the tree branches and the last petals prepare to scatter in the wind.  It's such a perfect metaphor for life.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Published My Novel Lucid

I'm happy to announce that I've just published my new novel Lucid. It's currently available as an ebook at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble and can be ordered by clicking on either of the links below.

It's been almost exactly three years now since I put everything else aside in order to devote myself to becoming a full-time novelist. I'm very excited by the direction my life has taken while on this journey and am grateful to all the wonderful people I've met along the way. Writing fiction is something I've wanted to do ever since my college days as an English lit major and I've found great satisfaction in finally realizing my decades-old dream. Even so, I realize that I still have a great deal of work to do in improving my writing skills.

Here's a brief description of the novel's plot.

An amazing account of one man's journey into the depths of his unconscious mind. Connor, an unemployed ex-con, eagerly agrees to take part in a university experiment that employs advanced technology to investigate the phenomenon of "lucid dreaming" - the ability to control one's dreams and give them direction. At first, all proceeds as planned in a carefully monitored academic environment. Soon, however, strange events occur that suggest the project may have crossed beyond the bounds of the purely scientific into that of the paranormal. The first hint that all is not as it seems comes when Connor finds himself reading in his dream a play that in the physical world has long been considered a lost work. Then a mysterious young woman appears and inexplicably offers to become Connor's guide in mapping the shadowy terrain of his dream life. As he gains ever greater mastery of his new found talents, Connor discovers that he possesses psychic powers that enable him to revisit past lives. Together with his beautiful guide Deirdre, he travels through time to scenes as diverse as New York's East Village rock scene in 1970 and a serene temple in ancient Japan in the year 1004. Meanwhile, in real time, a bitter enemy plots to put Connor back in prison. Who'll be able to stop him?