Friday, March 6, 2015

Receiving Royalty Payments from Amazon

I recently received my first royalty payment from Amazon and am please to report that I encountered no problems with the transaction.  

On February 20th, I received a "no reply" email that read as follows:
"This royalty payment notification is for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) sales recorded in the U.S. Kindle Store. Payment will be made to your bank account and should appear in your available balance within 2 to 5 business days after the Payment Date. Details of the payment will be available on the Payment Report after it has been processed by your bank. 
"If you have any questions about this payment, sign in to your KDP account... and submit your inquiry."
The email listed a payment number and indicated February 28th as the payment date.  When I went  online on that date and checked my bank records, I found that the payment had already been credited to my account.

I was pleased by how easily the transaction went through and was also thrilled to have received my first royalty payment as a published author.