Friday, October 3, 2014

Final Draft of New York Sonata

I'm now in the process of writing the final draft of my novel New York Sonata.  As I had posted in June, I finished the first draft at the beginning of summer but then deliberately put it aside to give myself greater objectivity at such time as I reread it.  What's been most surprising to me as I've gone through the manuscript a second time is how little has changed in my conception of the story.  When working on an earlier novel, which I have since decided to leave unpublished, I found there were major revisions needed at every turn.  Here the main plot elements have remained stable and little has been required on my part other than adding detail to certain scenes in order to give them greater coherence.  The story itself has stayed pretty much as I first envisioned it.

After I've completed this final draft all that will really remain to be done will be to connect the chapters in a single document and then prepare from that a pdf to be submitted for copyright.  Happily, I'm still on schedule to publish the work as an ebook in early November.

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